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Welcome to Oj Healings and Discover the soothing magic of sound in Rishikesh!

Oj Healings conducts tailored Sound Healing Teacher Training Courses for individuals who wish to learn the healing power of sound. With certified courses, master yourself as a Sound Healing Teacher and help others find balance and wellness with this ancient technique. Sound Healing Courses in Rishikesh, conducted by Oj Healings is a beautiful opportunity to dive deeper into the ancient practice of healing via sound vibrations. At our healing school in Rishikesh, experienced professionals convey the vast and deep knowledge and practice of sound healing to practitioners. The course is designed with the aim of helping individuals who want to learn the art of sound healing and can use sound as a tool for self-healing.

Picture this: Amidst the serene surroundings of Rishikesh, Sound Healing classes are being conducted, giving you two benefits at a time; one, helping gaining the benefits of the healing practice and second, letting you go onto the journey of a sound healing teacher. Interesting? Isn't it? Led by experienced instructors, the course is a unique blend of ancient wisdom with modern techniques. It amazingly helps you in unlocking the power of sound healing. Whether you're going to experience it for the first time or a seasoned practitioner, the course by Oj Healing caters for practitioners of all levels. The course covers theoretical aspects and practical learning, making it the finest choice to go for.

Join the course and get hands-on experience with different instruments such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, etc.

Sound Healing Certification Courses in Rishikesh India Types of Sound Healing Courses We Offer in Rishikesh

Time to give your stress a break with sacred sound healing courses in Rishikesh, India. Oj Healing has different options based on days and your requirements for sound healing courses, so, choose the one that suits you the best and nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

$149/person 3 Days

Sound Healing Course

If you are interested in learning the basic fundamentals of the Sound Healing Course, moreover, wish to take the benefits of it. But the problem is, you don't have much time or you're experiencing it for the first time, so want to make it short. Then, this 3 day Sound Healing Course by Oj Healings is the perfect choice for you. The course is short but you need not worry as many things get covered in this and you will experience a great sense of learning with this. Also, the benefits you feel at the personal and professional level after the completion of the course are unmatched.

  • Starts Every Monday & Thursday
  • 2 Hour Class everyday
$249/person 5 Days

Sound Healing Therapy Course

Sound Healing Therapy Course by Oj Healings is a 5 day course that makes you aware of the principles of sound healing. It is the perfect option to get immersed in the transformative power of sound. The course is led by experienced and professional instructors who provide you with the perfect blend of theory, practice, and experiential learning. You get to know much in this journey, from understanding the core principles of sound vibrations to hands-on experience with singling bowls or Tibetan bowls. Join the course and get the confidence, skills, and knowledge to facilitate sound healing sessions promptly.

  • Starts Every Monday & Thursday
  • 2 Hour Class everyday
$599/person 10 Days

Sound Healing Teacher Training

Get ready to experience the profound journey of learning and self-discovery with Oj Healings' 10 days Sound Healing Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. The intensive course in the pious setting of Rishikesh is the perfect way to dive deeper into the art and science of sound healing. The course is conducted by expert instructors who have years of professional knowledge in this field. It covers a wide range of topics, from the principles of sound and vibration to mastering healing techniques using instruments. After the completion of the course, you become ready to utilize your gained knowledge and skills in self-development and teaching others.

  • Starts 1st and 15th Every Month
  • 3 Hour Class everyday

Sound Healing Session

Discover the Healing Power of Sound with Our Sound Bath Sessions

Sound Bath Session

Duration: 45-60 Minutes.
Price: 2000 INR (Private)
Price: 2800 INR (Couple)

Chakra Healing Session

Duration: 45-60 Minutes.
Price: 2500 INR (Private)
Price: 3500 INR (Couple)

Group Sound Bath

Duration: 45-60 Minutes.
Please connect with us via
WhatsApp at +91 705559924

Understanding Sound Healing and Its Benefits

Sound Healing is an ancient practice that restores balance in the body, mind, and soul and promotes well-being in individuals. This therapeutic practice harnesses the divine power of sound vibrations using instruments like Tibetan Singing Bowls or Tuning Forks and produces specific frequencies that resonate with the energy centers of the body.

The ancient practice blend with modern techniques provides a multitude of benefits that are hard to believe. Some of these benefits are:

Sound vibrations produced from bowls or forks induce deep relaxation, which in turn helps in releasing stress and tension from the body and mind.

The harmonious tones of sound healing clears emotional blockage, and allow for the processing and release of suppressed emotions.

Sound Healing is the best practice for people dealing with insomnia as it leads to restful and rejuvenating sleep, improving sleep quality.

It is also proved that the frequencies used in sound healing can even alleviate physical pain and discomfort, offering you relief from chronic conditions.

Sound therapy is also beneficial at the mental level as it clears the mind which further improves concentration and enhances mental clarity.

Sound Healing Therapy strengthens your emotional resilience making you better in coping with life's challenges and setbacks.


The therapy promotes the overall health and well-being of an individual by addressing both physical and mental aspects.


Sound healing deepens spiritual connection and fosters inner peace, purpose, and interconnectedness, creating a profound sense of unity and harmony.

Sound Healing Teacher Training Course - Dates 2024

1 June - 10 June 2024

Seats: 7 left

1 July - 10 July 2024

Seats: 7 left

15 July - 24 July 2024

Seats: 9 left

1 Aug - 10 Aug 2024

Seats: 7 left

15 Aug - 24 Aug 2024

Seats: 9 left

1 Sept - 10 Sept 2024

Seats: 7 left

15 Sept - 24 Sept 2024

Seats: 9 left

1 Oct - 10 Oct 2024

Seats: 7 left

15 Oct - 24 Oct 2024

Seats: 9 left

1 Nov - 10 Nov 2024

Seats: 7 left

15 Nov - 24 Nov 2024

Seats: 9 left

1 Dec - 10 Dec 2024

Seats: 7 left

Duration: 10 Days

Sound Healing Teacher Training Course Fees:

USD 599 International Students

INR 48,999 Indian Students

See What Our Students Say!

    I feel so honoured i had the opportunity to do the sound healing course with deepak. The course it’s really complete and the dedication he put in everything made the experience so deep, enjoyable and transformative. So much love and service in every moment. Also since we practice every day I end up feeling confident to do it by myself. He shared so muy wisdom with us. Highly recommended ✨😊

    Sofia Caniza

    I did the Sound Healing Therapy course at OJ Healing and I loved it. I’m so happy I choose Deepak as my guru for my healer path. His teachings have made a very big impact on me and I will carry them forever. Also I want to highlight the kindly support of Vivek and all the staff at school. They were all very helpful and attentive to all our needs. I strongly recommend them. Not only for sound healing course but also for sound bath experiences.

    Carla Sofia

    I had a great experience at OJ Healings, Deepak is an amazing person who shared all his knowledge with us during the course. I’ve learned a lot as well that I went through different emotions that help me in my path. I’m very grateful!

    Ayelen Micaela Cabrera

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sound Healing?
What can I expect to learn in a Sound Healing Course?

In a Sound Healing Course, you will learn about the principles and theories behind sound healing, how different frequencies affect the body and mind, techniques for playing and using various sound healing instruments, and practical applications for incorporating sound healing into your personal or professional practice.

Do I need any prior experience or musical background to enroll in a Sound Healing Courses?
What are the benefits of learning Sound Healing?
Is Sound Healing scientifically proven?